This is where youth come together to learn, sing, perform and dream about our times, its challenges and our shared future. Welcome to Scribes Science-Cultural Festival, 2017.

About Scribes

About Scribes

Scribes 2017 is the 5th edition of the Science and Cultural event hosted by Yuvasamithi, Malappuram imbibing the spirit of Science for Social Revolution the slogan of Kerala's People's Science Movement. This year's programme will be held from 10 to 12 February, 2017 at Malappuram and includes a Gender-Neutral Football Tournament, where male female and transgender players will play together in teams, a Film Festival which will showcase a number of issues faced by us as a society, participatory seminars on various social issues and challenges, and a cultural fest which is not merely about art performances, but also about the current issues and the role of youth in shaping the society and polity of tomorrow.

Main Programmes

Main Programmes

Gender Neutral Football

A rare, and perhaps first instance of a football tournament where each team will have male, female and transgender/queer players.

Film Festival

A collage of visual representations of the prsent society, with its various issues and challenges.


Sessions to debate, learn and unlearn the times that we live in. What is the role of youth in shaping tomorrow?

Cultural Fest

Performances, Songs, Writing... All with a focus on transforming society and bringing youth together without the age-old boundaries that teach us to separate and segregate people.

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